Circuit Protection and Power Distribution

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Prolec is a specialist supplier of circuit protection products ie. fuses, fuse holders, circuit breakers etc. Our products are sourced from world leading brands & approved to recognised international standards. We can provide comprehensive product datasheets, first class service & support. Products are supplied in bulk packs or plastic clam shell packaging for Hang-Sell retail environments. The majority of our products are environmentally friendly - ‘ROHS approved’.

Prolec Product Catalogue

New Prolec Product Catalogue

Inside this 6th edition of our catalogue you will find a huge range of circuit protection products including;

  • Fuses, Fuse Holders & Fuse Blocks.
  • Circuit Breakers (automotive & marine).
  • Relays, Flashers & Holders.
  • Assorted Tools & Accessories.
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Junction Blocks & Busbars.
  • Switches & Circuit Breaker Panels.

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NEW Products

Mcase+ Fuses & Fuse Kits
Slotted MCASE+
Fuses & Fuse Kits
In assorted current ratings.
New 16 piece Prolec LED Mini fuse kit
LED Blown Fuse Indicating
Fuse kit with fuse puller (16pcs)
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We sell a large range of fuses designed for automotive and marine applications including blade fuses, battery fuses, PAL fuse links and bolt down fuses such as MEGA, MIDI & ANL fuses

Circuit Breakers

We specialise in circuit breakers specifically designed for car, 4wd, truck, bus and boats. Our range includes panel or surface mount options with automatic, modified or manual reset mechanisms.

Relays & Relay Holders

We stock the latest range of ISO 280 relays and flashers. These relays feature a small blade type terminal which makes them suitable for use in many new power distribution units. We also sell a range of standard relays and relay holders.

Fuse Holders

Our wide range of fuse holders includes fuse blocks, panel mount fuse holders, in-line fuse holders, fuse bases and fuse clips. Some holders can be ganged together to create multiple poles

Power Distribution

These units provide fuse protected power to connected accessories. Units can be fitted with a mix of relays, fuses, diodes, circuit breakers etc. Some units feature internal common bussing to reduce cabling.


We sell an assortment of circuit protection accessories that suit our products including terminals, cable seals, crimping tools, fuse activated microswitches, fuse pullers, fuse testers and terminal tools.

Junction Blocks & Terminal Blocks

Perfect for connecting wires together at a central point. Available in single pole stand-alone or feed thru versions. Also available in multi-pole versions. Suitable for positive or negative cables

Switches & Switch Panels

We offer and assortment of panels designed for a mix of switches and circuit breakers. You simply choose the panel that suits your requirements then order a mix of breakers and switches to suit.