Circuit Protection and Power Distribution

New Products

We source products from world leading manufacturers to provide the latest in circuit protection and power distribution. To stay ahead of the field, we are continually adding new and exciting products to our extensive stock range. This page showcases some of the products we have recently introduced.

New Mechanical Products 18 Series Circuit Breakers
18 Series
Panel Mount Circuit Breakers
New design and additional ratings
New Littelfuse HWB60-AL PDM
Power Distribution Unit
For fuses, breakers & relays.
New Prolec LED Mini fuse kit
LED Blown Fuse Indicating
Fuse kit with fuse puller (81pcs)
New Prolec LED Auto fuse kit
LED Blown Fuse Indicating
Fuse kit with fuse puller (81pcs)
New Prolec Automotive Fuse Puller
Automotive fuse puller
Suit Auto Blade & Cartridge Fuses
New Prolec JCase Fuse Puller
Automotive fuse puller
Suit Jcase & Mini Blade Fuses
New Prolec Universal Fuse Holder
Weatherproof Fuse Holder
Suits fuses & circuit breakers
New Prolec Brackets for LF RTA fuse panel
Mounting Brackets
For Littelfuse RTA Fuse Panels
New Littelfuse LX Series PDU
Power Distribution Unit
6 x Auto Fuses & 4 x Midi Fuses
New Littelfuse XT Series PDU
Power Distribution Unit
4 x Auto Fuses & 3 x Midi Fuses
New Littelfuse HPDM Series
Power Distribution Unit
2 x Mega Fuses
New Prolec BB Series Junction Blocks
BB Series
Junction Blocks
Single Row 4 to 12 Poles
New Prolec BBD Series Junction Block
BBD Series
Junction Blocks
Dual Row 6 to 12 Poles
New Prolec Micro2 Fuse Add-a-circuit
Micro2 Fuse
Create 2 fused circuits from one
New M8 Stud Fuse Bar Kits
Battery Fuse Bars
New M8 stud size
Red or Black covers
Littelfuse MDB
Power Disitribution Unit
2 or 3 fuse protected output circuits
Prolec Micro2 & Micro3 Fuse Kit
Micro2 & Micro3 Fuse Kit
55 piece assortment kit
Prolec Micro2 Fuse Kit
Micro2 Fuse Kit
35 piece assortment kit
Mini Fuse Kit
Mini Fuse
35 piece assortment kit
Micro2 & Micro3 Fuse Puller
Fuse Puller to extract
Micro2 & Micro3 Fuses
Micro J-Case Fuse Puller
Fuse Puller to extract
Extracts Micro J-Case Fuses